2012 Boston Apprenticeship - 1 Year

16 January, 2012 - 15 January, 2013
Application Due Date: 
15 November, 2011

InnerCHANGE Boston works among homeless youth and young adults (ages 14-30) in the Cambridge/Boston area. The team serves homeless youth in Harvard Square and elsewhere in Boston as advocates, counselors, street pastors, and friends. Many of our young people struggle with past trauma, mental illness, and drug/alcohol addiction. Our team seeks to provide a healthy community where healing and hope can be found.

Good News for Roaddawgs

Life for homeless young people is hard. Some struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction. Many struggle with the memories of past abuses, lost friends, broken relationships. All of this, compounded with the constant threat of another hard night on the streets, leads many to a thick and seemingly impenetrable hopelessness. The lyrics of the quintessential street punk band, Choking Victim, capture well the spirit that haunts many of the kids we love and spend our time among: