Chris in Kampot

A 15 minute video explaining our work in Kampot

Active Nonviolence in Cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful country filled with natural resources and amazing people. But many communities are under attack for the land, fisheries, forests and other natural resources. Cambodian communities are learning to make use of active nonviolent resistance and this video shows a small part of their journey.

Nonviolence As Spiritual Engagement

"Nonviolence and Reconciliation is a Sign of the Reign of God Here On Earth


by Chris Baker Evens

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21

A Visit to Sunrise

I leave the house at 6 in the morning -- coffee thermos and latest Cambodia Daily in hand -- my tuk-tuk weaves around early morning traffic and heads for the Central Market, where I catch the 6:30 bus to Kompong Cham, a provincial capital two hours north of Phnom Penh. The city streets and tall buildings soon turn into rice fields and wooden houses on stilts. The bus honks its horn to warn schoolchildren on bicycles, farmers taking their produce to market, and the occasional brahmin cow, to stay out of the road.

Experiencing the Coup in Cambodia 1997

In the fall of 1996 Susan and I moved to Cambodia. A few months later there was a military coup on 5-6 July 1997—how about those fire works! In these two days, the forces of Hun Sen’s CPP faction almost totally gutted the royalist FUNCINPEC faction, killing most of its political and military leadership and chasing Prince Ranariddh to Thailand. The fighting on these 2 days was almost exclusively between the soldiers of the two sides, largely concentrated in Cambodia’s major cities—like Phnom Penh where we were living.