The Photo Contest

Back during the spring I had trained Melanie Avila on how to use Peachtree Accounting Software. The Guatemala team bought a copy of the software in the US and took it back to use locally. Later in the summer, I received an email newsletter from Peachtree saying they were having a summer contest that involved taking pictures in an exciting, exotic place. This happened to be the year of the CRM Worldwide Conference in Malaysia - exotic to most and I was going to visit Cambodia before hand - even more exotic, so I thought I'd give it a shot. And I won - BUT not in how we had expected . . .

Soshanguve, SA

Luc & Petuna Kabongo describe how God used Nieu Communities to help prepare them for their current ministry with InnerCHANGE in Soshanguve Township, near Pretoria, South Africa.

Learning the Game As I Go

On my third day here, after baking with the neighborhood kids, I was recruited for a backyard game. I didn’t know what I was getting in to, but I was just thankful to have not been the last one picked on the team. (Petunia and I were the oldest ones playing by at least 20 years). The game involved bouncing a tennis ball to hit the opposing players, stacking tin cans on top of paint buckets (in descending size order), saying a magic word, hopping on one foot, knocking the tin cans down, running around, and of course celebrating when your team won a point.

The Message of Presence

Sometimes God pulls you towards certain people; other times, he pushes them to you. This is the case with Miriam, a young girl from our block who has taken a special shining to me. Miriam is an orphan, and lives with her step-mother, who neglects her in favor of caring for her own children. In addition, Miriam has mild mental retardation.

New Micro-finance Social Club

By Petunia Kabongo, in South Africa

Sometime last year, while I was still serving with a local home based care NGO, through conversations with the caregivers, I learned that most of them were borrowing money from local “loan sharks” on a monthly basis to cover some of their living expenses. Anna (our British former intern) and I started conversations on saving money as a way of long-term future planning to improve one’s standard of living rather than borrowing.

God is moving in Soshanguve!

by Johannes, in South Africa

Following in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus is very crucial in my journey. I am part of a group of six boys from my neighborhood that meets every week. I am mentoring them in different areas of life.