The Doorbell Rings

The doorbell rings and I cringe.

It is this fear of the unknown. Invading my life. Interrupting my time. Stealing pieces of my day. I do not know who is there. But whoever they are they want something. They came to me. A shower. A chat. A cup of cold water…

Yesterday the doorbell rang a lot of times.

First it was Ninga - one hour and one day early for easter egg painting. It was in the middle of Tuesday morning prayer and it was raining. Poor Grace had to tell him to come back tomorrow. She felt bad, but it was the right thing. We were meeting.

The next ring was while I was packing my bag to go out to lunch with the San Dimas and OC girls. Someone else answered the door and it was Patchwork! My precious hippie girl friend, who has devoted her life to Christ and is a joy for me to hang out with! I greeted her and she came in and we chatted while I packed. She was doing well. Considering going to school and renting a room. She had committed to a mentor! That was exciting! I invited her to lunch with the girls and we had a delightful time! After she left I sat down to write my newsletter.

Brrrring! The noise always startles me. I went to the door and it was Sabrina. Last week she needed a shower and to use an address for a letter so our friend Joe had brought her over. She was very drunk and really loud so it had really pushed me into prayer and seeking Christ hard to love her. She was a tough women to want to serve. So I struggled to see her at the door. “Has my letter come, lovie?” she asked with a precious smile. “No, sorry. Not yet.” “ok, well thank you dear.” She said and turned and walked away. I let out a sigh of relief. And prayed for God to change my heart towards this women, and walked back to my computer.

Maybe 20 minutes later I heard a voice. “Hey- Luke here?” “Oh no, Luke is gone.” I went out to see who it was. “Shadow!” I wrapped my arms around this dirty traveler. “I’m so glad you made it!” I told him. He smiled. “Yeah, Luke said he had some pants for me.” I ran up stairs and acquired the pants for him and asked him if he wanted to come have a hot drink. “Coffee would be nice.” He replied. We chatted as I learned how to use a French press. He had met a Pastor up north who had been kind to him and understood his desire to empower and educate homeless travelers on herbology and survival skills and such. “To bad there is no work up there. I would have liked to stick around that guy. He was a good man.” “Yeah” I replied, secretly elated that he had connected with a Christian leader in a positive way. After 20 minutes or so he finished his coffee and made his way out, thanking us for the pants and conversation. I smiled and prayed for God to encounter Him in a big way as I walked back to my computer.

By now I had 20 minutes before I needed to leave for a thing at church so I saved my file and got dressed and I peaked out the window just when Suzie and Tree were walking past so I was ready when the door bell sent out it’s jarring noise. They were coming over for dinner. It had been her birthday that weekend so after catching up on how it had all gone I wished them a pleasant evening and made my way out.

Thankful for a delightful day full of excellent interruptions.

~Claire Howard
San Francisco: Outer Circle