Team History
The London team was launched in 2007 by two families who relocated to the Borough of Tower Hamlets, East London. In 2010, a small group of Londoners came alongside the team to explore further connection and ministry with InnerCHANGE. These Companions commit to live in the neighborhood, join in ministry to the poor, pray with and for the team, and seek to follow InnerCHANGE values and commitments. This year, a British couple and an American couple are joining the team.

Why London?
London is the most multicultural city in the world: it is a city of immigrants and refugees, a city with the world at its door.

Why East London?

  • Poverty in the East End is notorious dating back to the days of Charles Dickens.
  • William Booth founded the Salvation Army here to combat the hopelessness he saw.
  • For centuries, East London has been a landing place for new immigrants, for people on the margins, people trying to get on their feet. This has not been without tension.
  • A new 2011 study shows that Tower Hamlets has 57% of children living in poverty—the highest in all of the UK.

What We're Doing:

  • Peacemaking, Reconciliation, and Bridge Building, particularly in regards to the various ethnic groups in our community and between those of varying economic levels
  • Being good neighbors: Investing relationally in both the lives of our neighbors and the development of the local community
  • Reaching out to youth, especially those who may slip through the cracks because of gangs, violence, drugs, and unemployment
  • Reaching out to families, particularly those who are suffering and in crisis
  • Advocacy on behalf of those who need help raising their voice
  • Assisting the local church in understanding the needs of the local context; helping local Christians see the neighborhood as mission ground
  • Empowering the local church and its members to become actively involved in the lives of the needy