Ministry Focus

The team in Caracas visits the sick, loves the outcasts, works with children, and makes friends with the "sinners" all while living in the barrio and experiencing the rhythm of day to day life in this very interconnected community.   

Built on the steep hills of Caracas, the barrios of Venezuela are afflicted heavily by violence and spiritual oppression.  Families live with the constant turmoil of loss and frequent crime.  Yet the barrios are bound together by a strong sense of community and respect.  In this environment, InnerCHANGE is working alongside community leaders and community outsiders to see churches spring up and grow, transforming the barrio from the inside out. 

Team History

In 1998, John Shorack led an InnerCHANGE survey team to Caracas in order to discern whether to start a new InnerCHANGE team in the hillside barrios surrounding the city. After a second trip in 2000 the decision was made to send a team.  In 2001, Lila Blanchard, Steve Scharf and the Shorack family were commissioned to begin the InnerCHANGE work in Venezuela, arriving as a team in November of that year. Now almost ten years later, the IC Caracas team is still planted in the barrio of Pedro Camejo serving with both Venezuelan and North American team members.

Our Team Blog - in Spanish
Luz en el Barrio

2011 Venezuela Apprenticeship - 3 Year


19 September, 2011 - 19 September, 2014

Application Due Date: 
15 June, 2011

The hillside barrios of Caracas are a paradox. Both beautiful and violent, they offer the apprentice an excellent opportunity to seek the Kingdom of God among the marginalized. As the apprentice incarnates, their heart will be opened to the wide range of resources and possibilities for ministry in this unique context. For those who’ve completed a discernment visit or an internship with InnerCHANGE and have a growing sense that God is leading them to work with us.

A Different Path: Lessons in Community by Birgit Shorack

I have been dreaming about a life in a community since my teenage years. I think three major influences kindled my desire and were my early inspiration.

One influence was growing up in a Mennonite church with strong family ties. While a good part of the bonding occurred along blood lines, what connected most of us young people was living counter-culturally in non-evangelical Germany. We practiced believers baptism, taught pacifism as a characteristic of a disciple of Jesus and began to integrate social justice with the gospel.

Song inspired by Luke 7

Beth Carter, Venezuela

Walking through the night
Walking for the truth
We’re walking for the Kingdom
That’s trying to break through

We are the pilgrims
Following a holy dream
Our feet are caked with dust
But with our eyes fixed we must
Keep proclaiming what can be

Coming from a long line of prophets
Coming from a long line of priests
We come from the dirty
The weak and the diseased

One Batch of Bread At a Time

This past Saturday a man was shot on the corner right by our InnerCHANGE office.   Words can't adequately describe the sense of helplessness John, Birgit, our friend Ryan and I felt as we first heard the shots, then the commotion as neighbors gathered on the street to see what was going on.  Someone we know and love could've easily been the target of those gunshots.  Violence is so random and unpredictable here. Most of the perpetrators and victims, however, are young men roughly between the ages of 16 and 30.

An Afternoon in the Venezuelan Barrio

A photo gallery from a day spent in San Pablito and other Caracas barrios where the InnerCHANGE Venezuela team lives and works.