From our small beginnings in Santa Ana, California in 1985 we have now expanded to five continents and fifteen different teams.

You can currently find us in:

North America:

Central and South America:




How do new locations and new InnerCHANGE teams emerge? Our “Horizons Team” is dedicated to answering that question by nurturing new teams into existence. Guided by the Holy Spirit and the wisdom and passions of our experienced members, tiny seedlings of ministry ideas are carefully watered, fed and planted into new locations as a new team is birthed.

New sites are often chosen after careful exploration of the potential neighborhood or context. When we’ve evaluated the exploration and learned as much as we can, our greatest hope is to be personally invited by key people from within the neighborhood. Additionally, we seek to identify places where partnership with local or national leaders and existing ministries can be maximized.

In many ways, the story of InnerCHANGE isn’t complete. There are new places of ministry just on the horizon. New teams will emerge in ways we couldn’t imagine a decade ago. More than anything, though, we recognize that the InnerCHANGE story might actually involve you.
If you feel burdened for a specific region of the world and are interested in serving with InnerCHANGE, we want to hear more from you. We are not only open to new teams, and emerging new team leaders, we want to see it happen!

You should know, however, that the process of emerging into team leadership takes time. In a microwave Western culture, we often aspire to accomplish, achieve or attain our "goals" overnight. But that isn’t how God works. Tried and true leaders are forged through seasons of investment. As servants of Christ face the integrity and character tests that come our way, we progress on the journey of preparation for leadership.

If you feel like you might be a team leader in the making, we invite you to consider journeying with InnerCHANGE. We can’t guarantee it will all be fast and easy. But it will be rich in the blessings God promises to those who walk with the poor. And we will journey together.