Song inspired by Luke 7

Beth Carter, Venezuela

Walking through the night
Walking for the truth
We’re walking for the Kingdom
That’s trying to break through

We are the pilgrims
Following a holy dream
Our feet are caked with dust
But with our eyes fixed we must
Keep proclaiming what can be

Coming from a long line of prophets
Coming from a long line of priests
We come from the dirty
The weak and the diseased

We don’t look real impressive
And rarely do we use fancy words
But we’ll walk along this road
Carrying our brother’s load
‘Til every ear has heard

We ain’t got no money
We’re acting kind of funny
Out whether it’s rainy or it’s sunny
Dreaming of lands flowing milk and honey
We don’t take nothing with us for the journey
When we knock on the door

But where we go the blind receive their sight
And the lame get back their might
The demons they take flight
And the darkness becomes light
And the Good News, the Good News is preached to the poor

We’ve got God’s Word to sustain us
We’ve got peace flowing down
We’ve got this fountain flowing inside us
Where Living Water can be found

So we reach out to the hurting
And help the abandoned find a home
We’re Jesus’ feet and hands
Helping each other take a stand
While creation waits and groans

When evil tries to stop us
When the darkness tries to break in
When we’re confused and discouraged
And we don’t know where to begin

We seek the grace
To see the Kingdom on earth as it is above
To fight through all the lies
To see Jesus in each other’s eyes
And touch the earth with his love


And so we walk, walk, walk
And we pray, pray, pray
And the Spirit speaks, speaks, speaks
And shows the way

With love let us move, move, move
With faith let us say, let us say
May your Kingdom come
May your will be done
It’s the dawning of a new day